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AoC Level 60 Destiny Quest

In Age of Conan will provide your contact another spot once you reach level 60.The new spot that you send to retrieve the Phoenix is the fragment of the medallion. For this guide we'll use my contact, but to all intensive purposes your buddy sends you to each place after your first conversation. And we still have cheap aoc gold for sale.Your first stop on this journey is in Thunder River, the penal colony of all kinds for Aquilonia. You will need to seek General Tatius there and get his help in finding the location of the medallion.Thunder River can be reached by crossing areas in this order Old Tarantia Wild River Land-Poitain-Thunder. The general is at coordinates 793, 1650. Enjoy the view while you're there. Thunder River supports some of the best graphics and sound in the game.General Tatius you will discover the location of the cave containing the medallion Phoenix East.It will warn you to turn back while you can as all the is filled withHyboria is worse. After you convince the general you have the intend move before, it will give you the location of the cave. It is located in the northwest at coordinates 217, 1804. The entrance is in a small cave and almost looks like a grid.

The cave is guarded by more of your old friends the Slaves of Acheron and a host of other creatures.You will need to fight through several of them to get to the demon Har Shebesh. There are many enemies within the cave you can choose to fight or bypass. The choice is yours whether you want the extra experience or not.You can scale the rocks near the first blood pool or make your way deeper into the cave and swim in the back way through one of the blood pools in the cave to reach Har Shebesh. If you want to buy aoc gold,we can help you to do it easiler.As you approach her you will get a short cut scene showing the demon performing some sort of ritual at its alter. There will also be several Lich Apprentices you will need to deal with before engage Har Shebesh.

Once that apprentices are undergap to take a rest to regain strength, then attack Har Shebesh.This enemy is a lich and will appeal to many types necromancer spells. at some point, it will convene 4 pets for help.Actaully have enough age of conan gold will do it easiler. It would be wise to quickly eliminate the damage s'adds it is not mystris. Beat the pets and click on Har Shebesh with everything you have and you need to bring the demon down. Fight smart and potions of the use and you'll come out very well.

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