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The Fastest way to level 80 in Age of Conan

Every fun in Age of Conan wants to be the first in their guild to hit the level cap and get involved to the end game battles, so they need to resort to an Age of Conan Leveling Guide, just to get things moving a little bit smoother.The Age of Conan Leveling Guide proved to be an excellent tool. Here are the fastest ways to level up that worked for you beautifully.
Age of Conan Leveling Guide - Double Combo AoE Power
The main is a Priest of Mitra, with a little heals and some AoE moves an idea is to go for AoE grinding. But the best way to AoE large number of mobs is to duo with a Tempest of Set. As one of colleagues from work rolled a ToS, it is exactly what you need start to have leveling sessions together. Now, both these classes have powerful AoE abilities plus, the Priest of Mitra has a smashing AoE knockdown which was brilliant to use when we were overwhelmed by mobs. All we should do is simple. First you can look for a big camp with melee, about your level, mobs without any crowd control. The next step was to jump in, with your heals-over-time on and AoE nuke as many mobs as possible. The first 1-2 pulls are wipes, as we test their strength to settle the optimal number to be pulled. Then it will be all "pewpew". This method is one of the fastest ways to play up to level 80, but it takes two AoE classes so it might not suit to everybody, therefore, the next method in this Age of Conan Leveling Guide refers to solo leveling.
Age of Conan Leveling Guide - Solo Questing
Of course, with a Barbarian or a Rogue, for example, it's not that easy to kill many mobs at one time. Therefore, the best choice to level up a class like this stands for questing. This is the main method this Age of Conan Leveling Guide focuses on. It describes step-by-step all the quests you need take on your character from 1 to 80. Now, the quests are not that hard to complete, since the game shows you where to go for each quest, BUT the guide teach you the precise order of the quests, so you will able to complete many of them at one time, reducing the grinding and the traveling. The guide has also detailed maps which show you the way between two interest points, so when you're on the move it's easy to avoid the tricky paths and take the shortest one. Having this Age of Conan Leveling Guide with me for my solo questing was literally impossible for me to get stuck on any quest and the XP went nice and smooth.
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